Auto part Prime-X A9

Auto part Prime-X A9
Auto part Prime-X A9
Auto part Prime-X A9
Auto part Prime-X A9
Auto part Prime-X A9

Manufacturer: Prime-X Type of parts: Replacement Product code: A9 Number: A9


  • Size radio: 2DIN
  • The source of the transmission data: Bluetooth
  • The source of the transmission data: SD
  • The source of the transmission data: USB
  • Panel: Fixed
  • The power output to the speakers: 4x50 W
  • Display: 7 inch
  • Phone support: Android
  • Function: GPS
  • Function: Wi-Fi

Information about product:

monitor resolution - 1024600
monitor size - 7 inch
processor - Quad core cortex a9 quad core 1.6 ghz
RAM - 2gb ram
built-in memory - 16gb rom
operating system - android 9.0
sound - 4x50 watt
the characteristics of the output amplifier tda 7851 sound amp chip
linear output - 2 pairs
wifi, 3g, gps, bluetooth, radio, tv, dvr, usb, sd, obdii, phone-link
dvd drive - no
control buttons on the steering wheel - supports
product description
universal radio prime-x a9 android 9.0
this radio, can safely be called car multimedia centre. this 7-inch center, running android OS 9.0 is able to turn your car into a full theater, office, game center, Internet cafe, video surveillance system, a system of computer diagnostics of the car and so on
prime-x a9 is designed as a universal head unit, which will provide you with the following functions and features: high-quality monitor with high resolution, DVR, 3g modem, wifi access point, bluetooth (hands-free), an additional microphone for phone conversations, gps navigation (supports all cards), obdii scanner, rear camera and front view for safe Parking, usb and sd slots, am/fm radio, tv box (TV dvb-t2), applications for work (ms office, Internet browser, etc.), SOC. networks, instant messengers (viber, skype, whatsapp and others), email, 3d games
interface radio prime-x a9 can be configured individually for every taste: to make the necessary applications to the desktop, or clear it and leave the screensaver all this can be done by clicking on the desired icon, and holding it for a few seconds - move to desktop or remove it from the desktop. in the same way, icons can be moved to folders, and so on
high resolution screen (1024600), gives the possibility of watching videos or high quality photos with enhanced detail. games and other useful applications look on the screen of prime-x a9 high quality, in high resolution.
prime-x a9 has a feature embedded DVR full hd 1080p (option, extra charge). you must purchase an additional video camera (see accessories).
the DVR will automatically turn on when you turn on the ignition, everything happens transparently to the user, in automatic mode. in the menu of the DVR are useful settings, namely:
is a way to record video (usb memory or sd card)
selecting recording resolutions (480p, 720p, 1080p)
record sound (on/off)
the recording length of the roller (1, 5, 10 and 60 minutes)
auto start recording (on/off)

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